Build Your Dream Team

Duration: 2 hours

A good team that works well together is able to create an amazing patient experience. This section focuses on how we can effectively work together around the office to be more effective. A lively discussion will show us what each area (ODs, front desk, gallery, lab, etc.) needs and what it can provide the other areas. With this training, you will learn how you can make your practice a better place to work and shop at!

Part 1 Analyze your team’s synergy

  • Interactive exercise time!
  • See what went well, and what can be done better

Part 2 Lines of communication

  • How does your team communicate now?
  • What challenges does your team face?
  • What holds us back?
  • The importance of asking
  • The theories behind communication.
  • How can we improve your team’s communication?
  • Your team will brainstorm ways to offer, and ask for help from each other.

Part 3 Teamwork behind the scenes

  • How to spot and track instances of good teamwork
  • How to point out and reward those who represent the qualities you want in your team

Good teamwork in the office can increase the happiness and satisfaction of everyone in it. Nothing says professionalism more than cohesive teamwork between your ‘silos’. That cohesion starts with great communication from everyone in the office. Communication is essential to the success of the practice and its everyday challenges.  Let’s work together with this fun training to improve the effectiveness of your team today! 

To schedule the Build a new you training in your office please contact our practice whisperer.