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Unleash the creativity and potential of your practice through our strategic professional training . Our training courses and workshop will transform
your practice and your staff, taking you to the highest levels of efficiency and patient care excellence. Set yourself apart from competition and
cultivate a culture of high performance and superlative client experience.

Delivering Exceptional & Memorable Customer Experience

Patients are exposed to mass media marketing on a daily basis from every venue, making patients retention more and more challenging.  This workshop will showcase why patient service is the key competitive advantage and how creating a memorable experience will enforce patient engagement and satisfaction. 

Frame Adjusting and Repair 

Statistics show that up to 93% of patients consider the ability to fit glasses well as their most important need from a dispenser.   This clearly suggests that dispensers need to be skilled in the art of eyewear adjusting and fitting, and patient comfort is the key to happier patients. 

Next Level VDVS Training

Power Sessions!

We have simplified the process for your practice to be transformed into a hub of loyal patients and happy employees. We provide you with the latest tools to make your practice more successful and profitable.  Our next level interactive VDVS training programs.

Effective Communication at Work

Communication is one of the most important skills to ensure any relationship is healthy and productive.  Great teamwork hinges on being able to communicate and understand each other effectively. Effective Communication at Work is highly interactive workshop

Closing Closing Closing (Sales)  

After spending all this time and effort with your patient, helping them choose the right frame and determining the right lenses for their visual needs.  Now you need to close the sale.  Closing is vital to the sales process, yet few of us feel comfortable with that final step.