How to Make the Sale

Duration: 1.5 hours

A good salesman is able to identify customers and understand their motivations. They can empathize with them. This section will teach you about the four major personality types: how they think, how they make decisions, and how to build rapport with them. We will also look at the demographics in our patient base and study their buying habits.

Part 1 Being personable

  • Perceptions: Polling activity
  • The four personality types and how they think.
    • How to sell to each personality type.
    • How to communicate effectively with them.
    • What if you have characteristics of more than one type?
  • How our experiences shape our perceptions; how we perceive patients and how they perceive us.
  • Sales come from building relationships with people.
  • How to build trust
  • How to appeal to their world view

Part 2 What we need to learn from the past

  • The five generations.
    • How they think.
    • How they make purchasing decisions.
  • Customer service for each generation.

The success of a practice depends on the ability to sell to patients. This session will give you a greater understanding of how to relate to your patients as customers.

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