Second Pair Sales

Duration: 3 hours

Despite the fact that most of your clients own numerous accessories that serve to improve their comfort and enhance their appearance such as shoes, jackets, etc.., getting them to buy a second pair of glasses is often a real challenge. And yet, glasses serve a dual function as a medical/well-being necessity and a fashion accessory. Both functions provide excellent starting points for selling multiple pairs of glasses. In this workshop you will learn how to educate each patient about options they didn‟t know they had and encourage the purchase of more than one pair of glasses to make their lives easier, more efficient and more comfortable.

Program Outlines

Part 1 – The Hard Questions

  • Who are your patients?
  • What are we afraid of?
  • What do patients want?

Part 2 – Change Your Perspective

  • Create the opportunity. 
  • Educate, don‟t sell. 
  • Ask questions.

Part 3 – Second Pair Opportunities

  • Give your patients new reasons to buy sun wear. 
  • Contact lenses are a second pair.
  • Computer, safety, readers and „just because‟ eyewear.

Part 4 – Everyone Plays A Part

  • ALL staff in the office are part of the sales process. 
  • Create value to multiple pairs by making it personal. 
  • Keys to success.

If “Want” is the easier sale to make, then fulfill the “Need” first. In other words, sell the frames after
you sell the lenses. Patients don‟t buy what they need, they buy what they want. Building value around
your products is paramount! Use this training session to discover how to create the WANT in your
patients for multiple pairs of glasses and help them see what they‟ve been missing!

To schedule the Second Pair Sales training in your office please contact our practice whisperer.