Develop the Reception like a Pro

Duration: 3 hours

Your office reception is the gateway to your practice and an important part of your business. Research has shown that appointments made at the reception tend to have higher satisfaction rates among patients. A good experience at the office reception is the first step to a positive and memorable experience at your clinic. This workshop will provide useful skills for both new and veteran receptionists alike and provide them with the tools needed to welcome patients.

Part 1 How to manage your front desk responsibilities

  • Our job.
  • Trust your knowledge.
  • The importance of proper triage.

Part 2 Your reception determines how your patients think of you

  • The red carpet treatment.
  • The desk.
  • Thanking your patients.

Part 3 Engaging patients remotely

  • Greeting your patients over the phone.
  • How to politely ask them to hold.
  • The four most common questions.
  • The importance of excellent manners and good wording.

Part 4 Successfully handle anything

  • Techniques for dealing with difficult patients.
  • Waiting room management.
  • Appointment management.
  • The sales process.

We often put the newest employee on the front desk as their first responsibility. Every person in your clinic is an expert in their respective area, and your receptionists should be too. This workshop provides the unique training needed for any staff member to master the front desk while providing every patient with a great experience. Creating an amazing experience from the moment they step in the door of your practice makes your practice memorable and will make patients want to return.

To schedule the Build a new you training in your office please contact our practice whisperer.