Closing Closing Closing (Sales)

Duration: 3 hours

After spending all this time and effort with your patient, helping them choose the right frame and determining the right lenses for their visual needs.  Now you need to close the sale.  Closing is vital to the sales process, yet few of us feel comfortable with that final step. You already know that your patient needs eyeglasses.  If they don’t buy them from you, they will go to your competition.  Become legendary sales closers and gain your patient’s trusted advisor on eyeglasses.

Part 1 Get over fear

  • What stops you from asking for the sale?
  • Earn their trust with the right questions.
  • The Hand Off is vital.

Part 2 Relate them to your product

  • Features vs Benefits vs Experience.
  • What’s the difference?
  • How to engage the emotions

Part 3 Overcoming objections

  • What objections really are.
  • Price, time, competition.
  • Then ask more questions.

Part 4 Go for it & Close it! 

  • 18 different ways to close the sale.
  • Track it to know what you did well – and what you didn’t.
  • Final important tips.

Building value around your products is paramount – price objection is only relevant in the absence of value.  This training will uncover how to create value around your products and help your patients see what they’ve been missing!  


To schedule the Closing Sale training in your office please contact our practice whisperer.