Next Generation Sales Strategy

Duration: 3 hours

Only about 4% of eye care staff at optometric offices have been trained in sales, despite the fact that more than 50% of revenue comes from the gallery! We are all familiar with the traditional rules of sales: establish rapport, solve their problems, listen to their needs, and provide solutions. This session will teach you the new way of sales and will help you think about sales in a new way. Forget what you thought you knew about sales. This is how the modern sale is done.

Part 1 Forget what you thought you knew about sales

  • The new guide to helping, not selling.
  • Open, don’t close.
  • Provide value, not products.

Part 2 The ‘WOW’ factor

  • Steps on planning and executing a successful trunk show.
  • How our experiences shape our perceptions.
  • Making connections, and standing out in your field.

Part 3 Ways to become more effective

  • Discussion about the five ways to increase effectiveness.

Part 4 The final hurdle

  • Embracing objections as an opportunity;
    • Interactive exercise on embracing objections as an opportunity.
  • How to help each personality type the way THEY want to be helped;
    • Hands-on practice in defining the four personality types and how to help them best.

Selling to our patients is an essential part of ensuring the success of a practice. Let’s take a new look at sales and see it as a tool for making sure your patients have what they need. ‘Sale’ doesn’t have to be a bad word!

To schedule the Build a new you training in your office please contact our practice whisperer.