Effective Communication at Work

Duration: 3 hours

Communication is one of the most important skills to ensure any relationship is healthy and productive.  Great teamwork hinges on being able to communicate and understand each other effectively. Effective Communication at Work is highly interactive workshop

We will work together to build a Full Value Contract for your team that will encourage better communication.  We will also discuss the different personality types and generations in order to better understand each other to be a stronger team.  

Program Outlines

Communication Preferences

  • Take the short quiz to determine which personality type you, and your team is
  • Discuss the characteristics of each personality type
  • Discover tips to help each personality type have more productive conversations
  • Learn how to communicate with each of the different personality types
  • Mine Field exercise

Four Generations, One Workplace

  • What are the different generations and how old are they o Traits of each generation, what is important to them
  • How to work more effectively with each generation by giving them what they need 

The Situation

Using a common situation, work through how to recognize personality type, generational differences and how to overcome those to give each person what they need to hear you  

Full Value Contract

Create a contract with your team outlining the positive things you can do to encourage better teamwork and communication

Through interactive and really fun exercises, your team will learn how to better help each other and have amazing communication.  Book this training to make your team stronger and more effective thorough better understanding of the needs of each other.  

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