Eyewear and Fashion

Eyeglasses may not have always been the fashion accessories that they are today, but they have always been somewhat of a status symbol. In today’s world, fashion and eyewear are inseparable. Patients come to our Frame Galleries looking for their ‘look’ or style – a frame that says something about who they are. By keeping up with trends in frames and fashion, we can create the most personalized frame selection experience for our patients. Make your patient’s experience special and they will look forward to coming back again and again.  

Part 1 Ever Changing colors

  • Warm and cool skin tones.
  • How those colors influence today’s frame selection.
  • Analyzing color seasons – winter, summer, spring, fall.
  • Pantone’s colors of the year.
  • How to help your patients pick the most complimentary color for them.

Part 2 What is in?

  • Recognizing upcoming trends.
  • Looking at past frame trends.
  • Using eyewear to create a statement.

Part 3 Matching your eyewear to your look

  • Using Look Books in the Gallery.
  • Using fashion and eyewear as self- expression.
  • The factors that influence fashion.
  • Recognizing upcoming fashion trends for men and women.

Part 4 Enhance your facial features

  • Make your Gallery more fashion forward.
  • How to use frames to hide and enhance facial features.
  • Picking out frame styles that work best with each face shape.
  • Characteristics of the 6 main face shapes.
  • Determining your face shape.

It’s not enough to be better than our competition – we have to stand out. Using our skills in matching frames to each patient’s unique style enables us to change a previously dreaded chore into a truly personalized experience that is fun and memorable.  Change your patients’ perception of the Gallery into one of fun, fashion and self-expression. Celebrate your patient’s individuality – be DIFFERENT!  

To schedule the Build a new you training in your office please contact our practice whisperer.