Perfectly serve your Patients

Duration: 4 hours

Our goal is to provide the best quality eye care in the best amount of time. We strive to ensure that our employees can consistently provide the same great service that they would expect themselves. We can provide a set of standards of service to our employees that will lead to a high quality of service every time. These standards are designed to assist us in understanding our responsibility to the patient, the practice and each other. They will allow us to hold each other to the highest degree of accountability.

Part 1  What is your purpose?

  • Determine the focus and vision of your practice
  • How to create a mission statement that motivates everyone.

Part 2 – The customer is always right

  • Providing the service that our patients expect
  • Increasing our patient’s satisfaction and loyalty

Part 3 How to provide perfect service

  • Polite and helpful personnel.
  • Answering the telephone.
  • Providing patients with information.
  • Setting appointments.
  • Greeting patients.
  • Consulting with patients.
  • Handing off patients.
  • Handling complaints.
  • Thanking the patient.
  • Following up.

Part 4 Maintaining a high quality over time

  • Creating accountability to uphold your policies

Our business revolves around our patients and great service is not simply a luxury.  This workbook will show you processes and standards that will assist you in building and delivering patient satisfaction – every time. In today’s consumer environment, it’s essential to standing out and creating enduring patient loyalty.  Great patient service depends on you!

To schedule the Build a new you training in your office please contact our practice whisperer.