Delivering Exceptional & Memorable Customer Experience

Duration: 2 hours

Patients are exposed to mass media marketing on a daily basis from every venue, making patients retention more and more challenging.  This workshop will showcase why patient service is the key competitive advantage and how creating a memorable experience will enforce patient engagement and satisfaction.  To set your practices apart you need to continually improve and raise your practice level of service to retain loyal happy patients and gain new ones.  Patient loyalty is priceless.  

Part 1 Focus 

  • Why do patients leave our practices?
  • Everyday service experiences.
  • What our patients expect of us.

Part 2 Trust is Key

  • What makes exceptional customer service?
  • It’s all about the experience.
  • Creating ambassadors.
  • What does just one bad experience cost?

Part 3 Master The Basics

  • The basic rules of service.
  • Six steps to success.
  • Give them a reason to return.

Part 4 The You Factor

  • Think of yourself differently.
  • Why patients come to see YOU.
  • Taking care of yourself to better take care of your patients.

It’s easy to take customer service for granted.  We think we give our patients the best at every visit but we need to wow them in new ways and at every turn to keep their interest.  Nothing beat patients’ word of mouth in marketing.  Let’s get them talking about us – to everyone! 

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